Head Cooks

Remember all those yummy meals when you went to camp? Remember how nice and friendly the cooks were? Do you have a love for cooking and want to spend some time away from the city? Then you should be a Head Cook at Camp ELim this summer.

Here is a bit more information:

  • Head Cooks are responsible for preparing all meals as well as two snacks each day.
  • You will receive free room and board along with an honourarium for your hard work. We also have lodging for any other friend or family member that wants to tag along.
  • We usually try to have kitchen helpers to help on the busy days so that the work load isn't too heavy. If you a friend or spouse that would like to help, they more than welcome.
  • Cooks must complete and pass a police background check as per the request of the Director.
  • The Head Cook is hired by the Director and will refer to him/her with regards to meals, menus and any other information.
  • Cooks can work for one week (Sunday supper - Friday lunch) or for more.
  • Please contact the camp for more information on this or any other position that might interest you.

So if all of this sounds fantastic then you might want to contact us for more information.

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