Camp Pastors

The Camp Pastor is responsible for leading the Bible time which happens during each morning of the Summer Camp program. During this time there is lots of singing and sometimes a craft to accompany the lesson.

Here are some more details about the Camp Pastor:

  • The Camp Pastor is in charge of leading the Bible Time with a lesson drawn up from the curriculum. You will also lead a small session during the evening camp fire.
  • A curriculum for the week is provided ahead of time so that the Camp Pastor has a sufficient amount of time to plan the lessons.
  • The curriculum usually has ideas for lessons and a general plan of action for each day. You just have to teach it.
  • There will be lodging and food provided for the week for yourself and for any friend or family member who wishes to join you.
  • Camp Pastors have to complete and pass a police background check upon the request of the Director. If you refuse to have a police check, or have a criminal record invlovling children you may be refused the position.
  • As a Camp Pastor you will receive an honourarium for your service and compensation for the mileage driven to and from camp. The amount of the honourarium and mileage compensation depends on whether you are employed by the church or not. Please ask the Director if you have questions about this.
  • A Camp Pastor can be anyone who feels they want to spend some time at camp, or feels they want some time away from the city. Since the primary role of the Camp Pastor is to lead during the two periods of the day, there is often a bit of down time for resting, reading, relaxation, or perhaps some canoeing.
  • A Camp Pastor does not have to be a Pastor or Youth Pastor from a church. It could be a teacher or grandparent or university student. You just have to be interested in teaching the Bible to kids.

So if all of this sounds fantastic then you might want to contact us for more information.

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