Cabin Leaders-in-Training

The cabin leader-in-training program is perhaps one of the most important program at any camp. As a cabin leader-in-training you gain valuable job experience, on the job training, and in the end, it is the cabin leaders-in-training who make up the core of the summer staff.

Experience the thrill of working together with a cabin leader. Learn how to help young children experience God in the wilderness. Prepare yourself for future summers when you can finally become a cabin leader.

Some of the duties of a cabin leader-in-training are:

  • Be a positive role model to campers and recognize the large influence you have on kids.
  • Help the cabin leader in areas of leading activities and discipline.
  • Responsible to be with their cabin group at all times and take an active part in being the cabin leader.
  • Responsible for planning games and leading cabin group around during the day.

Cabin leaders-in-training are welcome to work as many weeks as they want unless there is a large amount of cabin leader-in-training applicants. We will try to have as many cabin leaders-in-training work as is possible. ALL cabin leaders-in-training must attend staff orientation prior to the start of camp and must complete and pass a police background check.

As a cabin leader-in-training you are a volunteer which means you do not receive any money. BUT you do receive free room and board AND a discount on your registration fee if you attend camp as a camper.

Being a cabin leader-in-training is a lot of fun. You get to spend part, or all, of your summer by the lake, spend time with your friends,a nd make tons of new ones.

So why waste your time sitting at home watching re-runs on TV? Apply to be a cabin leader-in-training RIGHT NOW!!!

Click on the link below where you can apply online and email the form in to us or you can print it off and send it in by snail-mail. Please contact us if you have any questions or want us to send you the forms needed.